Church of San Martino Vescovo

Itinerari nel Rojale

The church of St. Martin the Bishop was erected in the center of the village of Zompitta in 1955 according to the design of architect Pietro Zanini.The main facade is punctuated by four Doric pilasters surmounted by a tympanum. In the center opens an architraved portal with a corbel above with a statue of St. Martin and a small rose window. Two volutes connect the facade with the side wings.

The isolated bell tower, north of the facade, has louvers, horizontal demarcation cornices and clock faces.The square-plan belfry, with round-arched single lancet windows, is crowned by a columned balustrade and topped by a lantern with an octagonal base. The square-plan roof has eight curvilinear pitches and apex element consisting of a wrought copper angel designed by sculptor John Rampogna.

The building with a cross-shaped plan has the side arms covered by coffered vaults supported by columns and pillars. The deep chancel, separated by a triforium, is surmounted by a false dome supported by four arches and ends with a semicircular apse with a frescoed canopy. On the south side is the sacristy. The counter façade has two closed side chapels of which the northern one houses the baptismal font.