Itinerari nel Rojale

Cycle and pedestrian routes  between art and nature

Discover Rojale

The Municipality of Reana del Rojale is located in the heart of Friuli, in the Province of Udine. The territory, of alluvial origin, extends over an area of about 20 square kilometers. To the north, it is characterized by the first morainic reliefs, while to the east, it is delimited by the Torre Stream.

Itinerari nel Rojale
Itinerari nel Rojale


The naturalistic appeal of the area, linked to the charm and beauty of the surroundings, is complemented by the historical, cultural, and artistic interest of the inhabited centers. Here, churches and votive chapels adorned with works of art, as well as farmhouses and historical buildings of great significance, contribute to the cultural richness. The Rojale Routes are designed to offer visitors a comprehensive tourist itinerary, allowing them to discover the entire territory.

Itinerari nel Rojale

The Rojale and its History

The connection of the territory with water is evident from the toponym itself, as "Rojale" derives from the Friulian term "roje" or "roe," which means "irrigation ditch" or "channel." This underlines the significance that the irrigation ditches of Udine and Palma have had in the history of these places.

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