Sguardo alla luna

1° Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su pietre del FVG 

Pietra piasentina 

Itinerari nel Rojale


The title of this stone hewed with vigorous yet delicate simplification brings us back to the magical sense of the ancient Toltec sculptures of Tula, Mexico. In this work Collini demonstrates interesting skills in the synthesis of form understood as a monumental monolithic presence. The woman's face is totally exposed to light, so the gaze appears to us as invaded and liquefied.

Evocative work that makes us think of a metamorphosis taking place in the mythical link between femininity, lunar cycles and fertility of the earth

Maria Grazia Collini

Maria Grazia Collini was born in Vergnacco (UD) and began her artistic training by attending the three-year course at the Giovanni da Udine School of Art. She subsequently attended a number of drawing courses and seminars on the figure. Between '90 and '91 she attended the studio of Friulian master Luciano Ceschia. In 1983 he participated in the founding of the Cultural Circle "Il Faro" in Vergnacco, and since 1998 he has collaborated in the realization of the International Symposium of Sculpture on Stones FVG. Since '88 she has exhibited her works in solo and group exhibitions and participated in numerous competitions obtaining significant prizes and awards.In the early 1990s she is invited to exhibit in Switzerland and Austria. 

In 1995 she participated in her first International Symposium of stone sculpture in Sardinia, which was followed by several others in Italy and abroad.Her works, including monumental ones, are in public and private collections in Italy, France, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, South Korea (Ichon), United Kingdom(Caerleon), India(Gwalior and Baroda), China (Shenzhen and Tonghe), Mexico (Tultepec), Padide-Mashhad (Iran), Ajia Napa (Cyprus), Abu Dhabi (UA Emirates), Doha (Qatar), Assillah (Morocco), Bucharest (Romania).