24 Gennaio 2024

2023: a special year for ProLoco del Rojale

Itinerari nel Rojale

The year 2023 for the Pro Loco del Rojale was a year of change at the top. New president is in fact Luca Moreale, who accepted the position, comforted by the support and valuable collaboration of the board.

Many are the occasions of collaboration between ProLoco del Rojale and other local or charitable associations. Efforts continue in organizing the periodic exhibitions of Italian and foreign artists hosted in the exhibition space of the Rojale Showcase, and several events held in various locations in the region have seen the participation of the master paper-makers.

A welcome novelty in 2023 was Riffs on the Creek, an event organized on the occasion of the Music Festival to give voice to young up-and-coming bands, which was enthusiastically attended by the public.

You might be interested inThe tour of the Votive Churches, in the cycle of meetings Rojale to be discovered organized by the Company of the Reserved, also saw the collaboration of the Pro Loco and an excellent attendance of interested parties.

Itinerari nel Rojale