16 Gennaio 2024

Tresemane Trade District

Itinerari nel Rojale

The Enjoy Torre Cormor project, an initiative dedicated to enhancing the Friulian municipalities of Reana del Rojale, Tavagnacco, Tricesimo and Cassacco and their businesses, was presented on Tuesday, October 24, 2023, at Confcommercio. 

The main objective of the project is to actively promote the area, offering visitors and residents a sustainable shopping experience, with a focus on local zero-mile products. The synergy between the four entities coordinated by Terziaria CAT Udine, ensured the start of this project, which was possible thanks to regional funds amounting to €70,000 and municipal co-partnerships of which €4,244 was borne by Reana del Rojale. This moment represents the beginning of the collaboration between municipalities, Chamber of Commerce, Confcommercio for the creation of the "Tresemane Trade District" attested by the Region in the current year, with an official ceremony. 

The recognition allowed to participate in the regional Call for Proposals of the Service, Tourism and Trade Directorate and place in the useful ranking for a contribution of €500,000 between investment and current expenses aimed at the regeneration of urban areas with a commercial vocation, promoting history, culture and traditions, creating new opportunities and enhancing the products of the territory.