Itinerari nel Rojale

Waterways and Mills

The Passeggiata delle rogge (watercourses) bicycle and pedestrian path is an easy-to-ride route that is very popular and appreciated by tourists and local residents. It connects the Rojale to other bicycle routes in the neighboring municipalities of Savorgnano del Torre to the north and Tavagnacco and Udine to the south. 

The first of the Itineraries in the Rojale includes the section of the bicycle path that runs along the Udine and Palma irrigation ditches for about six kilometers and passes through the villages of Zompitta, Cortale, Valle and Rizzolo, where it joins Itinerary 2.

The pathway

The northernmost starting point of Itinerary 1 is the Zompitta Dam, where there are the water intake works from Torrente Torre.From here we begin an itinerary to be traveled by bicycle or on foot that allows us to enjoy the charm of the surrounding landscape, alongside the waterways that have always been part of the history of the area.

The first town you encounter is the hamlet of Zompitta from which you reach the villages of Cortale, Valle and Rizzolo. Here, in the square of the Church of Saints Hilary and Tatian, one connects to Itinerary 2 to continue the discovery of the various hamlets of Rojale.

To the south, on the other hand, you can continue the Passeggiata delle rogge (irrigation ditch walk) bicycle path, which connects from Ribis to the section present in the municipality of Tavagnacco.Itineraries 1 and 2 together form a ring that allows you to cover the entire Rojale territory. The ideal starting point is the Town Hall. From here, in about 2½ hours you can visit the main points of interest marked along the routes in Rojale.

Itinerari nel Rojale

Duration: 45 min
Length: 6 km
Difficulty: easy
To do: by bicycle or on foot

Scarica Mappa 1 e 2

The places to discover along the way

From the Zompitta dam, you walk a naturalistic stretch between the Udine irrigation ditch and the Rosta Ferracina, the ancient embankment to protect against the flooding of the Torre. You continue toward Cortale, following the course of the irrigation ditch and reach the villages of Valle and Rizzolo where you connect to Itinerary 2.

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