Torrente Torre: the water intake and the Rosta Ferracina

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The water intake works

The site where the water intake works of the main canal from which the Udine and Palma irrigation ditches and the Cividina irrigation ditch originate are located is of great scenic interest because of the suggestion of the water jumps, the large fishpond located immediately upstream, and the skyline of the Motta relief, where the remains of the Savorgnan castle, placed in antiquity to control the waters, are located. 

The intake works were designed by engineer Cudugnello in 1929 to divert water from the Torre stream, on the right bank, so that the flow could be divided into three parts and feed the Udine, Palma and Cividina irrigation ditches, according to agreements made between the managing consortia after long diatribes.

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Rosta Ferracina

The rosta Ferracina, which in Zompitta runs for a short distance along the Main Canal, is named after its designer Bartolo Ferracina, who was also the author of the reconstruction of the Palladian bridge in Bassano and the lead vault of the Palazzo della Ragione in Padua, as well as numerous hydraulic works in the Republic of Venice. 

 The Zompitta Rosta was erected in 1769 to protect the irrigation ditches from the flooding of the Torre. It is formed by an embankment lined with large stone blocks that runs from the water intake of the irrigation ditch to the Savorgnano bridge following a broken line with pointed sections facing the stream.

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