17° Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su pietre del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Grigio carnico

Itinerari nel Rojale


A process of formation implies a structural modification, consisting of various phases in temporal succession.

Representing morphosis means depicting the movement itself, the mutation that is not yet form. The artist invites us not to linger but to move around the artwork, observing its inner strength, the effects of light on it, and the precision of details. Each angle reveals a different stage of development, sequence after sequence, cut after cut, fiber after fiber.

Piera Sgiarovello

Radoslav Sultov 

Radoslav Sultov is originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, and he soon dedicates himself to the study of sculptural art. After graduating in Sculpture from the National Academy of Sofia in 2002, he continues his education at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, where he delves into artistic subjects and multimedia. He participates in national and international collective exhibitions and sculpture symposiums worldwide. His public works are displayed at the University of Ankara in Turkey; Tanbara Cultural Center in Japan; Museu Internacional de Esculturas de Brusque in Brazil; and Wuxi T-park in China.