Suffered rest

21° Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su pietre del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Pietra Piasentina e Rosso Verzegnis

Itinerari nel Rojale


Life is made of action and rest. Each sculptural work is action, or rather subtraction of matter from matter. That of Max Solinas is also rest, for the meaning delivered in the stone. Is it the imagination of the rest of matter, before it welcomes any change? Or the rest of the imagination, before the creative idea invests the artist and directs their will? "Matter receives from our dreams a whole future of work," writes Gaston Bachelard in "Earth and the Images of Will." In any case, a perfect moment that precedes every more fragile action, rest is an invisible red thread between past and future, gestation and creation, non-being and becoming.Intimacy, silence, listening, participation, protection: the interpretations multiply and do not exhaust, testifying to the richness of an open work, awaiting the unbiased eyes of ever new observers.

The depicted figure, a female body lying in the fetal position, instills at the same time a feeling of tenderness and vitality: the pose is balanced by the strength of the features, engraved in the stone as if they were the signs of constructing a drawing.

The stone used, Red Verzegnis, gives the figure the drama of suffering. Placed on a pedestal of Piasentina and Aurisina stone that raises it with the elegance of a play of lines and colors, the work acquires an additional meaning: those who rest not only receive the support of the earth but also the protection of the sky.It is in that place between the two elements, earth and air, that the artist entrusts his silent message of compassion.

Francesca De Filippo

Max Solinas

Max Solinas was born in Venice. Curiosity led him to the world of sculpture and the art of living, and to nature in all its intimate facets. He initially attended the studio of a great sculptor and later enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts.

Already the author of two books, "In Silenzio tra gli Alberi" (In Silence Among the Trees) and "L’Ordine della Lupa" (The Order of the She-Wolf). He lives and works in his studio in Cison di Valmarino (Treviso), at the base of the most beautiful mountains, the Dolomites.

His sculpture is "powerful," in constant dialogue with the attentive visitor because, as he says, "art must communicate and make people communicate."