Water and flowers

16° Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su pietre del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Pietra Aurisina, Marmo Rosso Verzegnis

Itinerari nel Rojale


The elements of nature are in constant dialogue, connected by the life energy that imparts movement to everything. This is the message of Arlindo's artwork.

The water element is positioned high, stirred by the wind, linking the sky and the earth. The latter takes on sinuous forms reminiscent of the female body, adorned at the waist with four flowers. These flowers, in red, echo the color of the base, which has also become an integral part of the artwork. The forms are pure, simplified, inviting reflection on the importance of symbols.

Piera Sgiarovello

Arlindo Arez

Arlindo Arez was born in Portimão, Portugal, and currently resides in the same city where his studio is located. His works can be found in various galleries and public spaces worldwide. He is a versatile artist, sculpting on various materials, and is also a painter and engraver. For several years, he has participated in the most important Portuguese art biennials and numerous international symposiums in various countries. He has won numerous awards, including one last year at the Olympic Arts in Portugal. He is a member of various artists' societies and serves as the President of the cultural association Cuneo-Sularte.