Winged egg

23° Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su pietre del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Pietra Aurisina

Itinerari nel Rojale


It's a powerful yet seemingly weightless work that combines forms inspired by the natural and animal world, created by Rhea Marmentini, a young Spanish sculptor with an intense artistic background developed in her home country, Paris, and New York."The Winged Egg," crafted from a massive block of Aurisina marble with great skill and precision by Rhea, encapsulates two concepts that have always fascinated humanity: birth and flight. Birth is represented by the egg, a perfectly smooth and round surface symbolizing life and regeneration. It is juxtaposed with gigantic wings, which we imagine ready to unfold for takeoff. Flight, something we humans have often clumsily and disastrously attempted to emulate. For the young artist, flight embodies the desire to break away from a certain condition and embrace another dimension, perhaps lighter, marked by hope and the desire for change.

This work undoubtedly arises from contemplation during a time characterized by uncertainties, unknowns, and fears. It suggests that we can overcome these challenges with the strength of hope and the desire for renewal.

Laura Vianello

Rhea Marmentini

Of Chilean-Hungarian origin, she spent her childhood in Malaga and began her art studies in Pécs, Hungary. After winning numerous awards in Hungary and France, she moved to Paris at the age of 17 and met the renowned sculptor Pierre Székely, who named her as his spiritual heir. She joined the "art cloche" movement in the late '90s, with her first studio located in Pole-Pi. 

She then initiated her Land-Art project in Gilet, near Valencia. For ten years, she transformed the old landscape of an abandoned quarry into a habitable sculpture called El Dragón de la Calderona: a home, a studio, an exhibition space, and a place for research.

After a period in New York, she has currently returned to Malaga, where she continues her sculptural work and participates in various international sculpture symposiums around the world.