2° Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su pietre del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Pietra Piasentina

Itinerari nel Rojale


Subtle and enigmatic, Lowell's "Maternity" is lifted high by the new life it harbors in the womb, an indissoluble connection with the harmony and logic of the universe.The stone seems silent and uncompromising, yet the sculpture rises from it—an angular and simultaneously sensual form of femininity that hesitates to surrender, timid in revealing itself, but incomparably full of a vital force that emanates from within. Here, the soul becomes the true unit of measure for every step and every belief.

Ellis Lowell

Ellis Lowell was born in Jamaica but moved to the USA as a child, where he acquired US citizenship. Here, he was able to immerse himself in the exciting world of contemporary art, allowing him to grow internationally from an early age.

After arriving in Italy for some exhibitions, he decided to settle in Trieste, where he still lives and works, successfully continuing his exhibition activity, receiving acclaim from both the public and critics, both nationally and internationally.