22° Simposio Internazionale di Scultura su pietre del Friuli Venezia Giulia

Fior di pesco carnico e  grigio carnico

Itinerari nel Rojale


A sculpture that evokes an ancient tradition of South Korea, the artist's homeland. A long braid wraps around the face of a young bride, symbolizing her commitment to fidelity towards her husband and responsibility to family and society, as she chooses never to cut her hair again.

A slender, polished gray Carnic marble bird rests on the textured surface of the head, symbolizing a state of inner freedom that, despite an appearance of physical constraint, is never lost. The veining of the Carnic peach blossom marble enriches this sophisticated and cultured work, paying homage to the artist's roots and, more broadly, to women, their elegance, role, and importance.

Giorgio Copetti

Jina Lee

Born in South Korea, she studied at the Kaywon High School of Art in Seongnam, near Seoul, where she graduated in 2003. She then earned a degree from the University of Cultural Heritage in Buyeo County in 2007 and completed a Master of Fine Art in Sculpture at Kookmin University in 2009. After relocating to Australia, she currently lives and works in Perth. She has successfully exhibited her work since 2010 in various cities worldwide and has received numerous international awards. She has been participating in international sculpture symposiums since 2016, held in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Albania, and South Korea. She is a member of the Western Australia International Stone Sculpture Symposium (WAISS) and the South Australian Stone Sculptor's Association (SASSA).